Frequently Asked Questions

1. How old is the mill?

The mill was buit circa 1835, which makes it around 175 years old.

2. Why is the roof coloured red? Is this original?

The mill roof was painted red during the second world war, in order to allow pilots to distinguish it from the nearby post mill at Cross-In-Hand which is very similar in appearance. Originally the mill roof was painted white.

3. What makes Argos Hill mill special?

Argos Hill windmill is one of only approximately 50 post mills remaining in the country. It retains nearly all of its original machinery, and is regarded as one of the most important post mills in England today. It has a number of rare features including a tailpole-mounted fantail, an extended mill body and a unique door lock.


Mill Body

Total height38 feet (approx)
Mill body height30 feet
Mill body depth20 feet 6 inches
Mill body width10 feet 6 inches
Length of post20 feet


Stock length33 feet
Sail weather at canister18 degrees
Sail weather at tip4 degrees
Number of shutters204
Shutter width8 inches
Ideal sail speed14 - 18 r.p.m.
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Fantail diameter10 feet 6 inches
Number of fantail blades8
Fantail blade angle28 degrees
Tailpole length34 feet


Windshaft length16 feet
Brake wheel diameter8 feet 4 inches
Brake wheel cogs112
Tail wheel diameter8 feet
Tail wheel cogs112
Breast stone nut teeth13
Breast millstonesDerbyshire Peak
Breast millstone diameter4 feet 4 inches
Breast millstone ratio8.6 : 1
Tail stone nut teeth16
Tail millstonesFrench Burr
Tail millstone diameter4 feet
Tail millstone ratio7 : 1